Grand Prix Itinerary

2016 Monaco Grand Prix Itinerary

Thursday 26th May

Arrival at your yacht in the port of Monaco. Settle in and relax with a cocktail on the aft deck and the view on the circuit while the excitement for the race rises among you and your company.

Lunch on board. Get pampered by the crew and taste the chef's delicious food arrangements.

Take the afternoon to tend to body and soul with a soothing spa experience in one of the most prestigious day spas of the region.

Enjoy the evening with a dinner out in one of the top restaurants in Monaco.

Motoring events
The Grand Prix first and second free practice sessions are held today, with GP2 free practice in the morning followed by qualifying in the afternoon, and the Porsche Supercup practice finishing up the day.
Roads are closed from 0600 until 1930

Friday 27th May

Good Morning Monaco! Have your breakfast on board the yacht and start the day fresh and ready for new adventures.

While some of you are surely interested to spend the time at the circuit and walk around to explore Monaco and its heart Monte Carlo, the others might be in for a shopping tour in the famous gem of the Cote d'Azur – Cannes!

With the Monaco roads closing at 0700, a tender will take you to rendezvous with a limousine to take you to the heliport for the short flight to Cannes, with its high class boutiques and inviting restaurants all along the strip. Have a stroll through town; indulge in some shopping and a lunch with view on the beach and sea.

The day well spent, return back to your yacht and prepare for an exciting evening with sundowner cocktails on board, dinner and the night out in the vibrant centre of Monaco – Monte Carlo. Try your luck at the famous Casino where already James Bond won the hearts of millions, and continue the night with dancing at one of Monaco's glamorous night clubs.

Motoring events
The Porsche Supercup qualifying session starts the day and is followed by the first GP2 race.
Roads are closed from 0700 until 1400

Saturday 28th May

This morning is when the true excitement and purpose of your charter starts.
Head to your seats with views of the circuit after a delicious breakfast on board with final practice starting at 1100 for an hour, before qualifying starts at 1400. Today is all about who will be favoured by the racing Gods! Get into the F1 fever, enjoy the hype and soak up the race atmosphere that takes over Monaco entirely every year.

For those not in favour of roaring engines and the smell of tyres, gasoline and victory, there is always something to do at the Cote d'Azur!

Whether it is taking a trip up the mountains to enjoy the view from one of the picturesque villages or simply spending it by exploring the beautiful coast with its towns ideally placed between water and hills, everything you wish for can be arranged.

Our recommendations for places to visit:
Nice – old town with its little boutiques and small cobbled stone alleys and many restaurants serving a variety of delicious food.
Eze – picturesque, historical mountain village near Monaco.

Spend the day away from the hustle and bustle, forgetting about the time whilst exploring the beauty of the Cote d'Azur. Get enticed by intense colours, the scents of the typical southern French flora and the taste of sun, sky and sea.
Recommended for lunch or cocktails is the famous Hotel La Chèvre d'Or with its Michelin Star Restaurant and breathtaking view and location and delicious menu.

Return to Monaco for the aftermath of the F1 qualification and support races. Events and dinners in every corner of the city will entertain you during your evening before returning to your yacht.

Motoring events
Formula Renault 2.0 starts the day with dual qualifying stages in the morning, before the final Grand Prix practice prior to qualifying, with the day finishing with the second GP2 race.
Roads are closed from 0700 until 1830

Sunday 29th May

Today is the day! Driving skills will be at their finest and Formula 1 will dominate the. Enjoy the pleasure of a scrumptious breakfast on board and take your seats to watch the race event of the year. Following the morning's Porsche Supercup and Formula Renault 3.5 races, the main event starts at 1400 following the F1 driver parade at 1230.

Whether you watch the race from your seats by the circuit or the aft deck of your yacht, make yourself comfortable, lean back and enjoy the action packed 78 laps whilst getting served your drink of choice.

This day is all about Formula 1 and the events surrounding it. Treat yourself with the fact that you are right here in Monaco, front row to the main event. Head to Monte Carlo after the race and join the festivities and celebrations, cocktails and soirees or simply have your own soiree arranged on board.

Motoring events
The 16 lap Porsche Supercup race starts at 0945 being followed by the Formula Renault 3.5 race at 1110, before the Formula 1 drivers parade and the main event, the start of the 78 lap Monaco Grand Prix at 1400.
Roads are closed from 0700 until 1930

Monday 30th May

Have a lazy morning following the previous evening's entertainment, before enjoying a late breakfast prior to your goodbyes, but hopefully not farewells, to the crew and disembarkation towards the airport. Review the impressions and exciting events of the past four days and start planning your next yacht charter holiday for yet another memorable time.

Your transfer to the airport, via limousine or helicopter, can be arranged upon request.